June 2, 2015

ES Chart analysis

  • Price continues to stay above the daily cloud and rising support lines. Bulls safe till these levels are protected.
  • Weekly is showing a potential rising wedge pattern for bears.

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  1. I have been working for awhile on a “DELTA” Model. After much trial and error I have a model thats very workable. It is a “Nominal” model based on a few key planets. The key is how the market acts in the cycle. If there is UP Pressure and the market goes up it is following the model. The reverse is true. There are times the market does not follow the model and that means that MONEY is moving against the model and that is a tell also. Today is a low in the model so we see how the market behaves. Since we are moving into an “Up Pressure time frame how the market acts is very important. If the Market trades sideways or slightly until the next peak in up presssure…….then that likely indicates the next “Down Pressure” segment will be stronger. It is relative strength at its finest. Also on the chart are unique “Matrix” based on planetary position.