September 27, 2010

  • Dow Jones Futures Index is showing a range of 10755 - 10844.
  • Within this range Dow is Trading near a resistance line. Breaking out above the resistance line will take it to the top of the range. If gets resisted by the line, index will move towards 10755.
  • Dow Jones futures daily chart shows an ascending channel.
  • Price at the top end of the channel. Candlestick pattern for the previous day shows an inverted hammer which is bearish.
  • Bulls will be safe only if the index trades above the inverted hammer.
  • S&P 500 has made a negative break down in hour chart. Negative for the bulls.
  • Things are looking good for the bears as of now
  • S&P 500 Futures hour chart with a pennant formation.
  • When a pennant occurs in up trend it is called as a bullish continuation pattern.
  • The rules of the pattern suggests upside breakout from here. Let's wait and see how this one goes.
  • The trend line of the broken channel acting as resistance.
  • Up move is possible only if NF comes back into the channel. Till then the broken area will act as resistance.

  • An Up move is possible only if NF trades above 6057.
  • Trading below 6042 will be negative for the bulls.
  • NF is showing a high of 6091 and a low of 6058.
  • Below 6058 NF may try to fill the Gap.
  • Above 6072 NF will get closer to the day's high at 6091.
  • Reliance has given a spinning top near the support area of 993. If this level holds we may see a rally towards 1030.
  • The stock has also done a breakout above 50 DMA and a classic retest of the DMA, This should be followed by a rally to break the recent high made.
  • Above scenario possible only if Reliance trades above the range of 993 - 1007. Below 993 it will favour the bears.
  • First chart shows Nifty's steady climb to the top. As i have said in the chart it seems the top or the destination is not yet reached.
  • Second chart shows the amount of profits someone would have made if he or she had decided to trail his position with 5 day low ema. As i said in the chart if 6037 breaks today, the meeting of nifty and 5 day low ema will get extended.


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