May 18, 2015

COPPER Resistance levels

  • Copper near falling resistance line in weekly chart.
  • Price also nearing previous broken support which may act as resistance.
  • Copper bulls have the tough task of breaking above this weekly resistance zone to extend the current bounce.
  • CRUDE Oil chart update: CLICK Here

1 comment:

  1. thanks tony.

    Everyone keeps saying this market is about to crash, what a load of crap.

    Did anyone see CARL ICAHN today.

    Have a look at this guy CARL ICAHN, famous US BILLIONAIRE in the US, his calls on the market have been killer and ridiculously accurate. See here. ==>

    He is saying we are about to ROCKET higher on APPL, and he knows a few secrets there!

    And to think I listened to those dummies from CNBC say the EARNINGS season was gunna be HORRIFIC!!! those buggers….I have been had yet again!! Pack of liars….pissed me off