June 4, 2011

FORD Trend line break

  • Ford gave a clean breakdown from a trend line in weekly chart.
  • Price has closed below 50 week moving average.
  • Immediate support for the stock is the last swing low 13.75 and the Golden ratio at 13.25 level.
  • Unless a big turnaround comes Medium term looks weak for F.

1 comment:

  1. Also, no trading positions over the weekend, stopped out on longs. Really think the Euro is setup for a turn down immediately or within a day.

    Here is an indicator that appears to so far be safe from manipulation.

    Some of my best work, a highly, and amusingly annotated
    chart comparison between my proprietary volatility timing indicator (VOS) and
    the SPX, long term line chart.

    See other posts for the candle charts which show fractal
    similarities between the VOS in the past, and after which a large index drop
    occurred. Those same fractals repeated
    last week.