October 19, 2010

Dow Jones near resistance area

  • Dow Jones futures hour chart is showing resistance at 11100 levels.
  • Index was resisted here for about 3 times before today.
  • More upsides are possible only if the index breakout above 11100 levels.


  1. Dear San,
    S&P 500 charts in 30 min now look like a
    Cup with Handle (Bullish Continuation).

    If u can post 30 min chart also it will be very Good (bcoz of your excellent representation). Sometimes 30 min charts gives more accurate (or hidden patterns which not shown @hourly like today).

    Thanks again for your excellent weekly, daily and hourly charts.
    Best Wishes.

  2. Thanks for your interest NIL.

    I saw that pattern and i did not like the formation of the handle, I was expecting some more action near the handle before it breakout.

    That's why i did not post it. But as you said price may play out a cup and handle pattern provided spx trades above 1185.

  3. Hi SAN
    Two small questions
    [1]At what Indian time does US market futures starts trading?
    [2]From where we can access US future charts?

  4. Dear, San,
    It is amazing that u reply @2am, within 15 minutes of my LIVE observation. U update ur charts LIVE for NSE also.

    Very few committed & hardworking trader follow 2 or 3 market simultaneously, like u do NSE & S&P500/DOW JONES.. full time.
    From my 20+yr market experience, I think:
    Very Bright Futures await for YOU.
    Best Wishes.

  5. @NIL

    Thanks for your comments. it gives me strength to go on.

    U.S futures trades 24/5 holidays on saturday and sunday.

    Try GCI MT4 for live charts