April 23, 2015

Nifty near 200 Day SMA

  • Nifty bounces from or near 200 SMA. Bounce was also closer to previous month low. Now both 8284 and 8269 are crucial numbers. 8269 being previous month low must hold for bulls to avoid bigger correction.
  • Week yet to test the up trend line from 5118 levels.  
  • GOLD Chart analysis: CLICK Here

1 comment:

  1. Thanks tony.

    Everyone keeps saying this market is about to crash, what a load of crap.

    Have a look at this guy from the US, his calls on the market have been killer and rediculously accurate ==> http://www.bit.ly/1fMcakI

    He is saying we are about to ROCKET higher on the stock market!

    And to think I listened to those dummies from CNBC say the EARNINGS season was gunna be HORRIFIC!!! those buggers....I have been had yet again!! Pack of liars....pissed me off!