May 14, 2010

ABAN OFFSHORE immediate supports

  • ABAN OFFSHORE has support around 800 region.
  • trading below 800 the stock may slip to 600 region.

Nifty Hourly chart trend line break trade

  • NIFTY HOUR chart gave a very simple entry at 5170 region today when it broke the hourly up trend line. 
  • Some times it's easy But the difficult part is to wait for the easy trade to come
thank you

INDIA BULLS REAL. ESTATE is about to break out of a triangle

  • India bulls real estate MACD week has given a buy signal.
  • An important trend line has broken which is positive for the short term.
  • Now the triangle will break on the upside in the coming weeks. 
  • will update it when the break out happens.
thank you