July 28, 2011

GOOGLE Pausing at the Resistance line

  • Google Weekly chart with resistance line connecting the tops 747 and 642.
  • Price has made a high of 627 and is not able to stay above this trend line.
  • Bulls has to close the week above this trend line to continue the bullish momentum.
  • Unable to cross the resistance line will result in a correction.

AAPL Intraday Update

  • Apple is testing its 50 hour moving average.
  • Price has taken support at the cloud as shown in second chart.
  • Hour chart is showing a GAP between 378 - 384
  • So price may get attracted to this GAP.
  • Larger correction will be possible only if price close below the cloud. 

GOLD Negative Divergence

  • Positive divergence on the left side did well.
  • We have negative divergence now.
  • Considering the larger trend of gold Positive divergence trades are safer to execute.
  • If price stays below 1600 this one may give a correction to 1585 levels.

ES Near support level

  • ES Four hour time frame with support level.
  • Good support exist between 1290 - 1295 level.
  • 200 Period moving average for Four Hour time frame is near this level.
  • Price staying below 200 Period moving average will favor bears for a breakdown below 1290 level.
  • If Price stays above 1305 level then Bulls will be able to push price higher.

NIFTY Intraday Update

  • Nifty hour is trading below its 200 Hour moving average. Last two dips after the up move from 5195 has taken Support at this moving average.
  • 15 Minutes chart shows a trending move below Ichomoku cloud. Intraday strength only if price manages to stay above the cloud in this time frame.

NIFTY Testing 50 DMA

  • Nifty testing 50 DMA again.
  • Possible Fibonacci support levels below 5496 are 5468 and 5404
  • USDINR is testing its support level. I have done a post on USDINR in the Forex Blog - CLICK HERE TO SEE IT

S&P 500 Analysis after closing bell

  • 50 Day Moving average is broken on closing basis.
  • 200 Hour moving average is broken
  • Price has closed below the cloud in hour time frame.
  • Next important support @ 1295
  • Bears will become more active below 1295.

NFLX Cloud and Trend line analysis

  • NFLX Despite the correction of this week has managed to stay above important trend lines and clouds
  • Price is Moving strong above the weekly cloud. Daily cloud is acting like steps for the stock to continue its upward journey.
  • For a bigger correction to happen price should close below the weekly support line