January 31, 2013

US Dollar Near Support levels

  • US Dollar Daily chart near support level.
  • Weekly chart too is shown with a possible support line.
  • Price is nearing 100 Week SMA. If the above mentioned levels are held a reversal is possible.

BANK Of America chart update

  • Bank of america daily chart is trying to form a descending triangle pattern.
  • Price is still inside a trading range with resistance at 20 Day SMA and crucial support at the range bottom and the rising 50 Day SMA.
  • Weekly Fib fan shows resistance at 50% Fib line.

ES Chart update

  • ES 4 Hour chart testing crucial support zone and 50 period SMA.
  • Falling below support level and 50 period SMA may lead to the 4 Hour cloud. Trend is safe on price sustaining above the cloud. 

CISCO Overbought Weekly RSI

  • CISCO Weekly chart shows a possible double top pattern pending confirmation. 
  • Weekly RSI is at overbought zone. Last two times price has given good correction from overbought zone. 
  • Daily chart shows price breaking an up trend line and closing below 20 Day SMA. Sustaining below these levels may extend correction towards 50 SMA for a bigger fall price must break below 50 Day SMA.

RIMM Support levels

  • RIMM Closed below 20 Day SMA and the previous resistance level of 14.21
  • Fib Levels shows price testing 38.2% Fib area which should hold to stop further correction.
  • Next crucial level is the 50 Day SMA Which should hold to avoid a bigger fall. The Golden cross will also become weak if price starts to trade below 50 Day SMA.

NIFTY Support levels

  • Price continue to move with the boundaries of the contraction pattern.
  • Support line, 20 Day SMA and 5 Day Low EMA are immediate support levels.
  • Crucial support shown in monthly chart is the 5 Month High EMA.
  • For bears need a close below 20 Day SMA and 5 Day Low EMA for a bigger correction to follow.

S&P 500 Analysis after closing bell

  • 30 Minutes chart shows price testing the cloud. 
  • One hour chart shows price breaking below 20 Hour SMA and testing 50 Hour SMA.
  • Last chart is the daily time frame. Price if sustains above the black line should target the upper resistance line around 1517 levels.

ES Trend update

  • Price testing crucial support levels in one hour and support line in 4 Hour chart. Price must sustain below these levels for a bigger fall to happen.