February 22, 2012

SPY Falling to the support line

  • SPY Falling to the support line
  • 50 Hour SMA too is near the support line. So a breakdown below these two levels may give an extended correction. Getting support at  50 Hour SMA may give an up move towards the recent high's again.

APPLE Bearish Flag

  • Apple making a corrective up move for the fall from 526 towards 486.
  • Up move looks like a bearish flag pattern. If price breaks the support line we may get another fall towards 486 level.

BIDU Trend update

  • BIDU Falling towards 100 SMA.
  • Trend line has acted as support till now. Price closing below it may extend correction towards 50% or 61.8% Fib level shown in last chart.

S&P 500 Futures Hour chart analysis

  • 38.2% Fib level seems to be an important Support and resistance zone. Important for bulls to stay above it for avoiding a correction.
  • Price also need to stay above 100 Hour SMA. Last fall towards it gave a bounce. It is getting tested again. Price sustaining below it may lead to a breakdown towards 50% or 61.8% Fib level.

NIFTY Trend line

  • Price closed at the trend line.
  • Nifty testing the trend line in four hour chart.
  • Price is yet to break below this trend line.
  • Getting support here may lead to an up move. Bears need price to close below this trend line.

TCS Daily and Weekly resistance levels

  • Weekly chart is with price action till yesterday. Daily is showing today's price action.
  • Daily candle is testing the channel resistance line. Only a negative closing can save bears of TCS. Daily and weekly candle sustaining above 1260 levels may lead to a larger breakout. Price need to confirm the breakout on daily and week closing basis.


  • Reliance is in  a range near 200 SMA. once this range gets resolved a bigger move is expected to happen. 
  • Yesterday's price action was a big relief for bulls of reliance as stock was threatening to breakdown below 20 SMA instead it manged to close above 20 SMA and 200 SMA. 
  • Bigger move will happen once the range gets resolved. 

GOOGLE Chart Analysis

  • Google made an intraday attempt to stay above 50 Day SMA. But day closed below it.
  • Fibonacci levels too shows a range between 38.2% to 50% on closing basis. Price is yet to close the day outside this range which will give good direction for google. Price closing above 50 SMA and 50% Fib level should give good up moves.


  • Silver bulls has to the tough job of closing above 200 SMA for confirming a breakout.
  • Four hour chart shows a range with breakout level at 34.51.
  • So price need to sustain above 34.51 and 200 SMA on closing basis for a bigger up move to happen