December 19, 2016

Facebook Support and Resistance levels

  • Immediate resistance for Facebook is at the falling 50 Day SMA. If price is able to cross this line on closing basis then a test of 123 and the GAP is area is possible. This area may act as stiff resistance zone.
  • Support is near 113 levels.
  • Moving averages is showing a possibility of a Death cross.
  • For bigger moves price must resolve the range between 113 and 123.
  • CRUDE Oil chart update

CRUDE Oil chart analysis

  • Crude oil month chart shows price moving above crucial resistance level between 51 and 52. Crude bulls of higher time frame needs a Month close above this zone.
  • Weakness levels are shown in daily time frame.
  • Weakness below 51.62 levels
  • Selling level if price falls below 49.61
  • SILVER Month Chart