June 19, 2010

Dow jones end of day analysis




  • Dow jones has formed multiple patterns in daily chart.
  • The broadening bottom pattern is shown in daily chart.
  • There is a falling wedge pattern which has given very good returns.
  • Then the moving average is not hinting anything. Having captured the 200 day moving average the price did not follow up. It has been a sideways market for the last 4 days as far as the closing prices are concerned.

SP 500 analysis after closing bell

  • SP 500 has formed three dojis in daily chart.
  • So this is the third day of indecision.
  • The hour chart shows a formation of a triangle. The hour chart has already broken the raising channel.
  • And this is the 4th day closing above 200 day moving average. But no significant movement of price away from the 200 day moving average. which might put some more doubts in to the minds of the bulls.
  • The 20 day moving average is starting to turn up

SP 500 head and shoulders pattern

  • SP 500 is forming a head and shoulders pattern in 2 day chart.
  • The right shoulder should be in place when the index trades above 1135-1145.
  • The right shoulder in a head and shoulders pattern can be lower than the left shoulder also.
  • But any price action 1155-1160 should be taken as pattern invalid. Because There is important resistance at 1150. And if that is broken bulls may aim for 1200.

Ford Motor co Triangle in Hourly chart

  • Ford motor has formed a triangle in hourly chart.
  • Before taking a position based on the hourly triangle take a look at the weekly chart.
  • Weekly trend line has broken.
  • Weekly MACD has given a sell.
  • One thing to notice is 11.30 which is a very strong support.
  • Daily close below 11.30 can bring good correction.