November 30, 2016

GOLD 4 Hour chart Analysis

  • 4 Hour chart shows the falling resistance line and 50 Period SMA as immediate resistance. 1170 and  1197 are crucial numbers in 4 hour time frame.
  • More weakness for gold if stays below 1170, Price could slip towards 1140 if sustains below 1170. if price stays above this zone then gold bulls may move towards 1200 levels.
  • CRUDE OIL rises from 200 SMA

CRUDE Oil rises from 200 Day SMA

  • Crude oil daily chart shows price rising from 200 Day SMA.
  • Price testing minor resistance zone between 48 and 49. If price moves above this level then the weekly Resistance line shown in last chart will be tested. Weakness near 49 will keep price within this range between 43 and 49.
  • Weekly chart has a Big bullish pattern this will be activated only on a breakout above the resistance line near 52 levels for the current week.

Nifty one Hour and 15 Minutes chart update

  • Nifty one hour continues to stay above 50 and 100 Hour SMA. Bulls need to stay above this level to avoid another fall towards recent lows.
  • 15 Minutes chart shows 8130 and 15 minutes cloud as crucial levels for intraday bulls. Weakness if price starts to trade below these levels.
  • More strength if price stays above 8196 levels.

NIFTY Daily and Hourly charts

  • Nifty daily chart shows a bearish shooting star like candle at 200 Day SMA. This one need follow up price action for bears. More weakness below 8130 levels. Hourly chart too shows price above 50 and 100 SMA These support levels must go as well for a bigger fall to resume.
  • Bulls need to protect 50 and 100 Hour SMA To avoid bigger correction.
  • CRUDE OIL support and resistance levels

November 29, 2016

CRUDE Oil support and resistance levels

  • Crude oil daily chart testing its 200 Day SMA.
  • IF Crude bulls fails protect 200 SMA then price may fall to 42 - 43 zone.
  • If price stays above 200 SMA then an up move towards 48 is possible. So price is still stuck within this range between 42 and 48. 
  • CRUDE OIL Double breakdown

ES Analysis before opening bell

  • ES 4 hour chart shows price near 50 Period SMA. This line and 2198 are crucial support levels.
  • Previous resistance zone in daily chart between 2186 and 2191 may act as strong support zone. Weakness only if daily candle closes below this zone. 

ES Hour chart analysis

  • ES hourly cloud and 100 Hour SMA is getting tested.
  • Below the hourly cloud or 2199 weakness can set in.
  • If stays below 2199 price can slip to 2191 levels.
  • Bullishness continues if bulls manage to protect Hourly cloud.
  • EURUSD Weekend update

November 28, 2016

EXXON Mobil Corporation Chart analysis

  • Exxon Mobil corporation daily chart shows price contraction. Price is near the Apex of a contraction pattern and breakout or breakdown is imminent.
  • second chart shows price getting resisted near 100 SMA So for bulls of Exxon things are simple. Stay long on closing above 100 SMA For targets of 89 and 92. For bears of Exxon weakness starts on daily closing below 86 which can lead to 84 and 82 levels.
  • FACEBOOK Trend update

GOLD Hour chart analysis

  • One hour chart shows 100 Hour SMA as immediate resistance line
  • 4 Hour chart shows 1197 ,  1202 and the falling resistance line in 4 hour chart as resistance.
  • GOLD Weekned update
  • CRUDE OIL Weekend update

FACEBOOK Trend update

  • Month candle shows bearish price action. But bulls are seeing some relief in the Lower shadow of the Month candle. with 3 days to go if those are bullish days, the Month candle will look much better for FB Bulls.
  • Weekly chart shows price violating 50 SMA and moving back above it. Bulls unable to do a weekly close below this line.
  • In daily chart immediate support at 200 SMA. FB Bears need to break this line again to resume bigger correction. For bulls the resistance is at 50 Day SMA.
  • CRUDE OIL Weekend update

November 27, 2016

EURUSD Weekend update

  • EURUSD Month chart shows price falling towards the support zone between 1.0456 - 1.0519. this zone must be held to avoid a Range breakdown. With Dollar getting stronger this scenario cannot be ruled out.
  • 4 Hour chart shows the up move getting resisted at 50 Period SMA. Pair must cross and stay above this line for a reversal to take place. 4 Hour chart shows a bearish candle from 50 period SMA line. More weakness if price falls below 1.0580. Below this zone price may test 1.0560 , 1.0540 and 1.0520 levels.
  • GOLD Weekned update
  • CRUDE OIL Weekend update

TATA Motors Weekend update

  • Tata Motors bulls is trying to hang on to the 200 Day SMA. Bulls need to stay above 200 SMA for a possible bounce towards the GAP in daily chart. If the low of 443 breaks then price may test the 420 - 425 zone.
  • Daily chart shows price below the cloud. Its sell on rise till price stay below the cloud.

November 26, 2016

GOLD Weekend update

  • Gold weekly chart shows price closing below 100 Week SMA. 1200 level is also broken.
  • Last chart is crucial because 1170 is a crucial support zone. Weekly cloud and Golden ratio is around 1170 Breaking this level will ensure bigger correction in Golden.

CRUDE Oil weekend update

  • CRUDE Oil ONE HOUR gave double breakdown from a Triangle and 100 Hour SMA. This was followed by quick down move in the shorter time frame.
  • Daily is moving towards 200 SMA again. Last 2 falls below this crucial moving average did not give big results for Crude oil bears. Price likely to test this line again.
  • Last chart shows price in a range between 43 and 48 which in turn is in a larger range between 39 and 52. So range bound move like to continue for next week as well.
  • CRUDE Oil ONE HOUR Analysis

November 25, 2016

APPLE Chart analysis

  • Apple daily chart shows price moving towards 50 Day SMA.
  • Both Hour and daily time frame shows resistance at 112 and 113 levels. Daily close needed above these levels for 116 and 118 levels. On the contrary if price stalls at 50 Day SMA a correction towards 107 and 104 levels are possible.
  • TESLA Chart analysis

TESLA Chart analysis

  • TESLA Month chart shows price bouncing from the support zone
  • Price nears resistance line of 50 SMA at 197.
  • Price may target the 200 SMA only if closes above  50 Day SMA. Unable to close above 50 SMA should take price towards recent lows again.

NIFTY Inside Monday

  • We have seen those inside day patterns work well when a candle develops within the real body of the previous larger candle. Breakout happens when price breaks the high or low of the larger candle. But here price has been trading inside Monday's range for the past 4 day's. So this 186 point range becomes crucial. 8100 and 7900 being round numbers becomes even more important.
  • Hour chart shows immediate resistance at 8050. Bulls must sustain above 50 Hour SMA and 8050 for a bigger up move to follow.
  • Bears to extend the trend need to break below 7900.
  • GOLD Chart Update

SILVER bearish channel and Weekly support zone

  • One hour chart shows price testing recent low.
  • 4 Hour chart shows price in a bearish channel. Price for now is quite close to the support line.
  • Weekly chart is moving towards support zone near 15.80 levels. If 15.80 holds a bounce is possible. 
  • GOLD Chart Update