January 19, 2011

GOLD in a triangle pattern

  • Triangle in gold chart in its four hour time frame.
  • This is a big one break of support or resistance line can give more than 50 points towards the side of breakout provided there is no false breakout.

ES below 50 hour moving average

  • ES has violated the support area mentioned below.
  • Sustaining below this level will strengthen the bears.
  • ES Breaks below 50 hour moving average.
  • Support zone is at 1282.25 - 1284.25
  • Hour trend will be in trouble only if price closes and sustains below 1282

Nifty Daily analysis

  • Resistance level for nifty on closing basis is 5750 - 5770. 
  • another important resistance would be the 5 day high ema.
  • Weekly chart shows price taking support exactly at the lower Bollinger band.