November 14, 2017

CRUDE Oil chart analysis

  • Recent MACD Bearish signals shown in Daily time frame. Looks like price and MACD Lines are getting ready for another bearish signal.
  • The weekly resistance line seems to be working for CL Bears at least for now. Bears need a bearish candle to confirm the effectiveness of the resistance line.

TWITTER Trend update

  • Twitter Bulls trying to move above the weekly cloud. Bulls trying to change the trend of the stock. 
  • Crucial level for bulls to stay above is 19.67. If price is able to sustain above weekly cloud then Initial target is 25 plus levels. Bears will resume below 19 levels.

ES Chart analysis before opening bell

  • ES Daily chart shown with 20 Day SMA. Bulls continue to take support at this line. Bears need to see a close this one for  a possible down swing to start. For now though Bulls in control.
  • 4 Hour chart shows a 20 point range. Weakness on closing below 2574 levels. Bulls regain control above 2584 levels. 

ES Range update

  • ES in a range needs to stay above 2584 levels to extend the bounce.
  • Earlier today 4 hour chart shows price violating the crucial moving average line again. But bulls managed to make a comeback again.
  • Weakness below 2574, Strength above 2584