August 15, 2012

EURUSD Support and resistance

  • EURUSD Four hour chart shows support and resistance lines. Price contraction may soon lead to a bigger move. 
  • Daily chart shows support at 1.2241. Breaking below this could give correction towards 1.2170 levels.
  • For bigger up moves price need to close above 50 SMA.

Face Book Chart analysis

  • First chart is four hour time frame with ranges which has given breakdowns in favor of bears. If the past action is to repeat we will see another breakdown.
  • Price is nearing 100 Hour SMA. If we see a breakout above this line and the range then FB may try to fade the gap between 24 and 26.

Crude oil Triangle pattern

  • Crude oil four hour chart shows a contracting triangle pattern.
  • Breakout on the upside will face resistance in the form of Weekly cloud and 50% Fib level. A bigger up move only if these levels are broken.
  • Breakdown from the triangle may give correction towards 90 levels initially.

Pin Bar of APPLE

  • Apple daily chart shows a Pin Bar reversal candle. It's strong reversal candle but price need to open below 630 and has to give another bearish daily candle.
  • Weekly chart is not showing any weakness yet. Trading above 634 and 644 will continue to favor bulls.
  • RSI of weekly chart is starting to diverge this will be effective if price is unable to trade above 644 levels. Price trading above 644 levels will be negative for bears of APPLE.

ES Chart update

  • ES Sideways move continues in a channel.
  • Four hour chart shows 50 period SMA about to hit price soon.
  • Up trend will be intact above 50 period SMA. Weakness on falling below it. For a breakdown price must fall below the cloud.

CISCO Chart update

  • CSCO Getting resisted at 100 Day SMA.
  • GAP is yet to be filled completely.
  • Price is likely to Fill the GAP completely before giving a bigger fall.