November 22, 2010

US DOLLAR looking positive

  • If stays within the up trending channel in the four hour chart us dollar will continue to move up.
  • Weakness will be seen only if the channel gets violated.
  • US Dollar has crossed 79 and 79.58 levels.
  • Index has also pulled away from 50 DMA .
  • Sustaining above 79.58 should take it above 80
  • USD is getting resisted at 79.
  • Up move will be possible only if price breakout above this level.

  • US Dollar index Four hour chart shows price breakout from a channel.
  • If trades above 79 will target the recent high.
  • Price also broke above the 50 moving average in four hour chart. Recent high of 79.58 may act as resistance in case price move above 79.

Dow Jones chart with ichimoku cloud

  • Dow Jones four hour chart with Ichimoku Cloud.
  • The recent correction has broken the cloud in four hour time frame. Cloud has been supporting price for a long time in this time frame.
  • Now Price is getting resisted at the cloud. Up trend can continue only if price breakout and closes above the cloud.

SPY Support and resistance levels

  • SPY 5 minutes chart Trading in a range of 119.25 to  120.39
  • Index opened GAP down but the GAP is faded now and price is at the top of the range.
  • Up move from here will be possible if price does a breakout above 120.39.
  • Below 119.25 index has a bigger GAP which is yet to be filled

S&P 500 futures before opening bell

  • ES four hour chart with Fibonacci levels.
  • Price rallied up to 61.8% level and sold off from there. 38.2 level may act as support now with 50% as the mid point.
  • The chart is developing into an inverted head and shoulders type of pattern. If 38.2 level holds and a consolidation happens around here we may see a positive structure developing in favour of bulls. Trading below 38.2% will favour bears.

Nifty Futures Intraday update

  • Nifty breakout above the resistance line.
  • 6000 - 6010 acted as resistance so the next up move on breaking this range. Till then it will act as resistance.
  • NF crossed 5933 and day high toward the trend line.
  • More upsides will be possible above 5966 on crossing the trend line.
  • Nifty Futures Support and resistance levels.
  • The low points broken on 5921 and 5933 should be crossed for an up move to happen.
  • Price staying below 5921 will continue to attract selling. Today's low point in NF is 5905 if that breaks NF may start to drift lower again.
  • Crossing 5933 and today's high of 5942 will favour bulls.

Nifty daily analysis

  • Nifty daily chart with possible patterns that can given support for the price.
  • Broadening pattern's trend line was tested on friday. If nity consolidates above the trend line we may see an up move from here.
  • If the support line of the broadening pattern breaks price may bounce from the trend line in daily chart.