May 12, 2011

CRUDE OIL moving up in a channel

  • CRUDE OIL Weekly chart structure is favoring bulls despite recent correction.
  • As long as the channel is held price can be pushed up by the bulls.
  • So the important support to break is $85 level.

NIFTY Support level

  • Nifty has not broken out of the trading range yet. If the lower end of the range gives support we may get an up move.
  • Breaking the low point may take nifty below 5400 level.
  • Nifty is testing the support are in the middle of the broad trading range.
  • Break of this level can take nifty to the lower end of the range.
  • Getting support here can give an up move

SLV Near Weekly Trend line

  • SLV Trading near the all important weekly trend line.
  • Price May give a bounce from this trend line. If a bounce happens, I feel it will be a small one. Seeing the Momentum of this fall the weekly trend line is not going to save the Bulls.
  • We may see 28 - 29 levels soon on SLV.

SLV Resistance levels

  • SLV Day got resisted exactly at the 50 Day Moving Average.
  • Hour is forming a range from 33.58 - 37.90.
  • Breaking the cloud in hour is going to be tough for bulls.
  • If 33.58 Breaks we may see the next leg down for SLV

ES Setup for a fast fall

  • ES Hour chart with 200 and 50 Hour moving averages.
  • 50 Hour moving average is not able to move above 200 this resulted in a correction.
  • If 50 Hour moving average continue to stay below 200 then this will result in another fall soon.

RELIANCE CAPITAL Intraday update

  • Reliance capital has given a short entry. Staying below 518 will favor short traders.
  • Reliance capital is forming a triangle shaped consolidation in 15 Minutes chart.
  • Break of support or resistance lines can give good direction.
  • Daily chart looks oversold so an upper breakout will be an easy long to take.

TATA STEEL Consolidation pattern

  • Tata steel Day is in a consolidation pattern and should give good direction soon.
  • Daily charts are showing oversold indicator readings so a long trade is possible from the current levels with small stop loss.
  • But the pattern looks similar to a Descending triangle which is bearish. So it is better to wait for the break to happen and then take the trade.
  • Moving averages are getting ready for the death cross which is a bearish event. But going by the recent trend the Death crosses have given good rally for the bulls. So we have to wait and see what this one does. One thing is sure with 200 and 50 dma converging we should see volatility increasing.