February 11, 2011

SPY Broadening pattern

  • SPY 30 minutes chart has a broadening pattern.
  • Price got resisted near the resistance line of the broadening pattern today.
  • Further up move can only happen if price breaks above the broadening pattern.
  • If it continues to get resisted around this level without a breakout, we may see a correction in favor of bears.
  • SPY has good resistance at the 132 - 133 level as shown IN THIS POST.

Trend lines of APPLE

  • First chart is the daily time frame of apple showing the trend lines above which stock is trading.
  • Price will remain strong in favor of the bulls till it maintains above the black trend lines.
  • Hour chart too will favor bulls if it maintains above the 50 hour moving average and the cloud.

Nifty Futures 5 minutes chart

  • Nifty futures 5 minutes chart with a descending triangle pattern.
  • The support line has been violated. But NF can move up if this ends up as a false break below the support line.

Nifty awaits death cross

  • Nifty has given a spinning top candlestick pattern. Lets see if this one can give a relief rally for bulls.
  • Price is trading near the support line of the descending channel so we may get a pause in selling. But intraday up moves can still be sold off because of the strong down trend.
  • We may get a death cross in nifty if selling continues. Death cross happens when 50 dma gives a bearish cross below 200 dma this happens in bear market. But there were occasions when these crosses resulted in an opposite directional move. One example is the last death cross happened in US markets which resulted in big up move.
  • 20 dma has already crossed below 200 dma.
  • Nifty has not closed above 5 day high ema for a long time now.