January 30, 2017

INTEL Day Week and Month at resistance line

  • Intel daily, Weekly and Month time frames are testing crucial resistance line.
  • Week closing above 38.45 will favour bulls for a major breakout.
  • Weakness on week closing below 36 levels.
  • TESLA Weekend Update
  • SILVER Weekend Update
  • GOLD Weekend update

ES Analysis before opening bell


NIFTY Intraday update

  • Nifty 15 Minutes nearing the cloud. When the trend is strong cloud in this time frame usually acts as support.
  • One hour chart shows a Bearish candle at the top and the current move against the trend happening. Bulls will remain strong above 8600 levels.
  • Last is the 5 minutes time frame which shows crucial levels for the Day.
  • ICICI Bank Price Volume Action

NIFTY Morning update

  • Nifty month closing above or near November month candle high's will keep the bullishness intact. This can also complete a possible morning start pattern Although this is not the appropriate place for the pattern It shows further bullish possibility.
  • But one warning for Bulls is the Overbought RSI in daily time frame. So further bullish bet from here would be risky one.
  • ICICI Bank Price Volume increase before quarterly results.