February 8, 2018

CRUDE Oil chart Analysis

  • Price testing 50 Day SMA and the rising trend line. If these levels work for bulls then 63 levels are possible. Close below these levels can take crude oil towards 58 and lower levels.

ES Chart analysis before opening bell

  • Price is at 100 SMA which is a neutral zone. Resistance is at 50 SMA and the big support is at 200 SMA. For the next decisive move to happen price must move out of this zone.

ES Chart Analysis after closing bell

  • ES 200 support at 200 SMA and rallied up to 50 Day SMA. Now price is in a sandwich between 50 and 200 SMA. During a strong up trend a correction towards this GAP between 50 and 200 SMA is an opportunity to buy. But this time one crucial thing against bulls is the speed  of the fall. 
  • Final chart shows the one hour time frame with possible support levels.