April 7, 2012

Happy second Birthday Nifty charts and patterns


  • I posted MY FIRST POST  on 7th April 2010 and i was wished and shown direction on the same day by the Master (Ilango Sir) . I was inspired by the knowledge, Experience and the consistency of masters work which led me to start this blog and i had the fortune of getting his wishes from the beginning itself. I continue to learn from the master. Thank you Sir.
  •  Thanks to all those who read the blog special thanks to all friends from JUSTNIFTY and SLOPE OF HOPE of Tim Knight for supporting me from the beginning.
  • Thanks to all fellow bloggers and experts of stock market (Anna , Leo, Steveo, Tony caldaro,  Cobra, LB, S Blonde, Jack, AARVEE, Money manthan, Bramesh and many others).

SILVER Weekly update

  • Silver week sustaining below 50 Week SMA will continue to favor bears for a bigger correction towards the support line of the Big Descending Triangle pattern. 
  • Up moves from here should trade above 50 Week SMA and the falling resistance line for a bigger turnaround to happen.
  • Silver bulls have been expecting the golden cross to happen But its getting delayed 50 SMA is moving away from 200 SMA, a fast fall is likely if this setup remains like this.
  • Price sustaining below the cloud will favor bears on every rise.