September 30, 2017

APPLE Technical Analysis and trading levels

  • Apple one hour may turn positive if price moves above the cloud. 
  • Levels to watch on daily time frame are 155 and the moving averages 20 and 50. Bears need to keep price below 50 SMA to avoid a bigger up move.
  • Levels for bears to break are 152 and 149 levels. Hourly down trend will resume below these levels.
  • ES Weekend update

ES Weekend update

  • ES Daily chart shows the continuation breakout. 
  • Weekly time frame shows the Negative divergence which stands invalid as of now.
  • 4 Hour chart shows breakout above resistance level 2506. Bulls will remain strong above this level for the coming week. Bears need to fall back below this level for a possible correction to start.

NIFTY Weekend updated

  • Nifty Week is resting at a crucial price zone. 9700 and 20 Week SMA has to be protected by Nifty bulls to avoid further correction.
  • Nifty bears must defend 50 Day SMA as shown in last chart. Staying below 50 Day SMA Bears will be able to extend correction further.
  • Bearish view will negate only if Bulls are able to get back above 50 SMA again.
  • NIFTY Month Week and Daily charts

September 29, 2017

ES Analysis after closing bell

  • Crucial support level in daily at 2475 as shown in first chart. Bulls will remain strong above this zone.
  • Immediate Weakness only on price violating the 20 Day SMA and the Price levels shown in Last chart.

September 25, 2017

ES Weekly time frame analysis

  • ES Weekly chart shows negative divergence. Price is at the top of the range so a small correction is possible. For a bigger reversal in weekly time frame the levels mentioned in chart 2 and 3 must be broken on closing basis.
  • Immediate weakness on staying below 2475 levels.  

September 24, 2017

NIFTY Month Week and daily charts

  • Month Chart is pausing near a possible resistance line.
  • Weekly chart is showing slight bearishness with an engulfing pattern, This pattern needs follow up price action to confirm bearishness.
  • The levels for bears to conquer are 50 Day SMA in daily time frame, In Week its around 9780 for next week. Week closing below this level will tilt the balance in favour of bears. In month its 9600. But for now bulls need to defend 50 Day SMA. If price stays above this  moving average then the bearish view will be negated for now.

September 22, 2017

FACEBOOK Range and 50 Day SMA

  • Facebook in a range of 165 to 174 with centre point at 169 levels.
  • Bulls need to stay above 50 Day SMA and 169 level for extending the up trend.
  • Weakness on closing below 169 and 50 SMA which may give 165 levels on the downside.

September 21, 2017

APPLE Chart analysis

  • Apple testing crucial support levels.
  • Closing the day below 154 and 100 Day SMA may further weaken the Bulls.

September 20, 2017

ES Analysis before opening bell

  • ES 4 Hour chart shows price in another rectangle. In an up trend Rectangles mostly resolve in favour of bulls.
  • Hour chart shows price staying above 50 Hour SMA. Immediate weakness if price starts to stay below 50 Hour SMA and 2500 levels.

September 18, 2017

INFOSYS Long term trend line

  • Price trying to hold above the Weekly support line. Staying above 900 should give 940  -  50 levels. Below 900 Bears may get 880 and lower levels.
  • Next big move in this stock will be based on the Monthly trend line shown in last chart. If this line holds price should resume the bullish trend of the long term time frame. 

September 17, 2017

NIFTY Chart Analysis

  • Nifty 4 Hour chart shows price near resistance zone.
  • Weekly chart shows bulls recovering from the big bearish candle. It took 5 candles to recover from the One Bearish Week. This mostly shows weakness. But one should consider the prevailing trend before coming to a conclusion.
  • Weekly MACD lines are negative for now. But as shown on the left hand side, Price can continue to move up while MACD lines give negative divergence. The Weekly structure will only turn negative if price moves below 9600 levels. 
  • Immediate weakness if price falls below 10040 levels.
  • CRUDE Oil Weekend update

September 16, 2017

APPLE Multi Year resistance line

  • Apple Month chart shows price trading near Multi Year resistance line. First touch on the line is marked in 2007. During the past 10 Years price has touched this line three times. Now price is trading near this line again.
  • Weekly chart shown with immediate support zone near 155 levels. Weakness in this time frame only if price closes below this level.
  • Daily chart has immediate support at 50 Day SMA. Closing below this line may give momentum for Apple Bears.
  • CRUDE Oil Weekend update

US Dollar Trend Update

  • US Dollar continues to stay below the Broken weekly support zone as shown in first chart.
  • Daily chart shows price falling down in a channel.
  • The Down trend will remain strong as long as price stay below the Daily Ichimoku cloud.
  • If 93 levels continue to act as resistance then more correction is possible.
  • CRUDE Oil Weekend update

CRUDE Oil Weekend Update

  • Crude oil Daily has a Bullish Head and shoulders pattern.
  • Price for now is pausing near the resistance zone of 50.50. More strength for Crude oil bulls If price is above to stay above 50.50. Possible targets for this move are 51.88 and 53.45 Levels.
  • Weakness if price falls below 48.60 Levels. Last chart shows Bearish swings on price falling below 48.60 Zone.

September 14, 2017

S&P 500 Futures chart analysis

  • ES Daily in a channel.
  • Price trading near the top of the channel
  • Weakness only if price falls below 2475 and the rising 50 Day SMA.