March 8, 2012

ES Resistance levels

  • Price took a dip from 100 Period SMA and its testing that resistance level again. Four hour candle need to close above this level for the up move to continue. 
  • ES Four hour is getting resisted at 100 Period SMA.
  • Cloud of this time frame may also act as stiff resistance.
  • Up trend will resume on breaking above the cloud.

1 comment:

  1. Closed Longs based on excessive profits, LOL

    Actually, based on double top formation that looks like the Pr etcher 200 year double top also, just saying. However, Euro and Cable tend to say that market drive up further.

    I would rather take profits too soon, and yet take them on a consistent basis. Seeing the weekly equity chart go up almost every week is all I need to know that I am doing things right. Leaving money on the table, missing the whole move, not catching a move, I AM SO OVER THAT SHIT.

    Seeing the equity curve go up week by week, that is the win.

    Here was my original post on Tuesday "Everything Wants to Go Up"

    The Chart and the Link --

    Link to above chart, just in case you don't believe me

    Ok not to get cocky now, you know the old saying, brag on your dog he'll shit on your floor.....