November 25, 2011

Nifty intraday Update

  • Nifty hour chart is out of the channel
  • Now price has to sustain above 4765 level for this up move to continue.
  • Price staying below 4765 will keep the bears interested.


  1. New Moon, Worst Thanksgiving Week ever in trading, free BPT newsletter
    It's a new moon. Market has NOT been in tune with the 20 trading day moon cycle for months. Usually after that happens, the moon and market do become synchronized and that lasts for several months.

    HBB loves their bonuses, and consumers feel better when market is going up. Hard to imagine that the Santa rally does not occur, but being nimble and reassessing the information in front of me works a heck of a lot better than being married to a viewpoint.

    Matt annotated all the T-day charts from the "worst" and most did have a trade-able bounce esp. into Jan 1 bonus time. A chart says a thousand words, check them out on free link below.

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