August 27, 2011


  • MSFT daily chart is looking good for bulls.
  • Price if closes above 20 SMA will give a long trade.
  • Price is moving up from the support line in weekly chart.
  • A long trade towards the resistance line in weekly chart possible.

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  1. Took this Euro short. Weirdest Sunday open, the Euro opened almost exactly where it closed on Friday. Never seen that before, almost always some type of gap. It is exactly at a nifty trendline, check the chart, esp, the lower chart closely.

    In a way I am playing "all the same bet", in my prior posts, I have detailed

    Gold Short,

    as well as US indices

    "Channel of Doom from 2003 now currently fully in play", and

    "Egg of Doom".

    Please go to main page and then scroll down for those. And below is the NYSI Summation index, indicating a long equities, possibly, but crossover has not happened, it can flounder around on the bottom for quite some time.