May 16, 2011

NIFTY Intraday Update

  • Nifty 5 Minutes violated the channel and is forming a small range between 5498 - 5532. 
  • Break of 5498 may take price to the lower end of the larger trading range. Above 5532 we may see an up move.
  • Nifty  5 Minutes chart shows price correcting towards the bottom of the trading range.
  • Price is moving in a descending channel. Intraday up move will be possible only if the channel is violated and Day Low is held. 
  • Otherwise we may see price Moving towards the bottom of the range staying within the channel.


  1. Good morning San
    Thank you for the analysis which anybody can understand. Keep it up!
    San Can you help me?
    Where I will get 180 min nifty chart and macd?
    Please guide me!

  2. @Shradha Saburi
    You can setup 180 Minute chart in Amibroker.

  3. What is the monthly rental charge for Amobroker and its software charges?
    Do you use this?
    Thank you for the suggestion.

  4. @Shradha Saburi
    You can download Amibroker Trial version from their website for free. The Monthly charge should be given to the data provider. I spent around 1500 Rupees per month.

  5. Channel breached but new low also made. Can we bounce from here?

  6. Hi San which realtime data you use for Amibroker.... am also using Amibroker... but using free application Chartsdata.

  7. @TKDK

    I have updated the range in 5 Minutes chart this should be resolved for further move to happen

  8. @San,

    When you say "Market data provider", is it