July 1, 2010

Dow Jones Resisted at yesterdays break down area

  • Dow futures chart in 15 minutes time frame with yesterday's trading range.
  • The bullish move was resisted at yesterday's break down area.
  • SPX too did a similar move. 
  • May be if the bulls are strong they will rewind and try once again to break the resistance


  1. Hi san,

    You are doing a marvelous job...Its like am sitting on some live TA session..you are too fast on charts..

    btw...just check again..another hit is done to break the resistance but failed..interesting to see the action after seeing your above chart...

    Keep this flow goes on for the benefit of all of us

  2. @assortZ

    Thanks for your comments. I saw the next hit if it tries again it may succeed in breaking out. EUR/USD and dow jones cannot go in the opposite direction for too long.

  3. true san..euro is on the verge to take out 1.26 sooner..run-up is very steep..

    anyhow we have surprises stored in for tomorrow..

    good night!