June 9, 2010

Dow jones analysis after closing bell

  • Dow jones Half hour chart is trying to reverse the down trend with a triangle break out.
  • But the trend in the daily chart is still clearly down as you can see the price is still moving down in the top portion of the channel.
  • The weekly chart is for me the most interesting one. 2 weeks from now dow will clearly decide which way it want's to go. So we can see large swings in the daily time frame that can give some good trades.


  1. Hi San,

    Appears u follow US markets also. U available on chat in the night ( in india ) ? If interested, My skype and gtalk id is padysrini.



  2. Hi San.

    1. Earlier you had posted chart on descending triangle with possibilities of false breakdown on DOW / bottoming out & subsequent upward movements. Does this still hold good after yesterday's up move? If that's a possibility are we looking at DOW going back steadily to its recent highs?

    2. What is the software you are using for Nifty & NSE Stocks?

    3. A suggestion, there is an advertisement on the center top of the page. May be if possible, you can look at pushing these advertisements to the side columns to keep the main content only within the center column with header right at the top where currently there is an advertisement.

  3. @golfdude

    I am following us markets. But may not be available to chat at night. I have a daughter so most of the time is spent with her and then scanning the charts. I will catch up with u some time later.


    I am still holding on to that falling wedge i posted two day's back.

    I am using amibroker and metastock.

    About the ads. Man i have to apologize for the inconvenience because they will stay there. My analysis although not popular its free.
    So please bear with it

  4. Hi San.

    Thank You for your response.

    1. With similarity that your bring about from the Nifty & S&P charts looks like the falling wedge scenario will play out.

    2. Noted on the Software.

    3. On the Advertisement it was my view that your Analysis at the Top will give more prominence. Ads can be on the left & right sides. However, I do realize that there could be constraints, as you have explained.

    It is only a matter of time that your analysis with catch up. Especially with your exceptional ability to capture minor elements from the charts, I am confident that this blog will race ahead with your expertise.